I am a retired vice president of Shell Oil Company and in the course of my career, was transferred to many cities. In most instances, my wife & I had new residences built and all of these contained an amount of frustration, unpleasant surprises and insufficient quality. My belief is that most residential builders are focused on constructing a house and buyers are expecting a home. The builder and their subcontractors simply look at their tasks as a job. However, the buyer plans to use the dwelling as a home: a place of solace, comfort and a residence of which they can be proud. After spending, what will probably be their largest investment, they are expecting quality, value and peace of mind.

Ed's crew exceeded my fundamental expectations and fully understood that they were building a "home" and not just another "house". I had the good fortune to be on site every day for the second half of our home's construction and can attest to the value: top quality materials, everything custom cut to fit, assembled perfectly and scrap was shockingly near nil. Most importantly, was Ed Spivey's approach and philosophy. It was very obvious to me that Ed and his staff take great pride in their work and not once did I see a "shortcut." I also took great satisfaction in Ed's willingness to ask us questions about design and then tactfully suggest alternative options.

The end result was a beautiful home finished within 3 days of the date that Ed told us it would be completed (the YEAR before) and at costs that fell within the original estimate. Also, unlike all the previous homes we had built, we only called Ed ONCE after move-in to adjust a door latch.

My wife and I could not be more pleased with the HOME that Spivey Construction built for us. Our dreams were made real thanks to Ed and his staff. If you share similar ideals such as us, you will not find a better company to fulfill your dreams.

Most people hear horror stories from friends about building a home, but building a home with Spivey Construction was actually an enjoyable experience. Ed and his crew were always a pleasure to be around. Patti and I actually found ourselves missing everyone after we moved in!

One of the things that made Ed stand apart from other builders was his willingness to work with our architects throughout the building process. In fact, they were so pleased with the quality of his work that they have solicited him for other projects. We were also pleased with Ed's willingness to try different homebuilding techniques. We presented Ed with several challenges, such as installing radiant floor heating and building our home to meet Energy Star specifications. Each time we threw a 'curveball' he did his research and rose to the challenge.

Patti and I interviewed every top builder in our area and Ed Spivey quickly became our first choice. We have never regretted that decision. Ed is one of the most trustworthy individuals I have ever met, and he instills that integrity in the crews that work for him. We recommend Spivey Construction to anyone who values quality and craftsmanship.

Vicki and I had a very pleasant experience when building our home with Spivey Construction.

From our initial meeting to home completion, we found Ed Spivey to be very dependable and one of the most honest and trustworthy individuals we've ever known. We were very pleased with the quality of workmanship and skill demonstrated daily by Ed and his entire crew as they worked on our home.

We wholeheartedly recommend Spivey Construction to anyone considering new home construction.

We appreciated Ed's eye for detail and his ability to listen to our concerns. He looked out for us.

He was great to work with. He is patient and easy going. He went the extra mile to ensure we had a quality home. We enjoyed working with Ed. We highly recommend him as a builder.

My wife and I had many reservations about building a new home from the ground up. Our previous home was a spec-house we found toward the end of construction. We always thought about what we might do differently had we built it ourselves.

We saw pictures in magazines and toured through parade home for years noting the good and the not so good. But there was always that great unknown between what we would want and how much it would cost to actually build it. Who could we turn to for advice? Who could we trust? And would we regret ever doing this later?

Ed Spivey discussed our home building plan with us. He outlined some of the challenges we might expect, discussed options to enhance value as well as minimize costs and maintained a "hands on" approach to managing the process from start to finish. Ed brought his experience and vision to the process in ways that we would never have expected. John, our project foreman, was on-site every day applying a personal touch to every detail. Ed and his crew were polite, hard working, honest and dedicated to our home from the beginning. I would describe them less as construction workers and more as "craftsmen". If you could see our home, you would agree.

My wife and I are very happy we took that first step and decided to build our home. And without reservation, I would say that satisfaction came from choosing Ed Spivey to build it not for us, but WITH us, and in the end, became a good friend.